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Introducing .NET Interview Preparation, an Interview Simulator for Mobile Devices

Over the weekend I released .NET Interview Preparation for Android. The iOS versions will be coming soon.

I'm very excited about this. It's my first mobile app, and I'm proud of the UI design and the content.

For those who are interested, it was developed with PhoneGap and Sencha Touch.

Here's the blurb that'll be posted to the front page of the site soon:

Prepare for your interview anywhere!

The definitive mobile app for preparing for a .NET interview has been released! It's a flash card based app with questions and answers (with full explanations). Many questions came from How to Find and Land a Microsoft .NET Development Job, but there are probably 75 or so new questions/answers not listed in the book. There are over 200 questions in all.

Buy it now for your Android 2.1+ devices
(iPhone/iPad versions coming really, really soon, so stay tuned.)

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